don’t worship me out of Guilt

 And yet, I am the God who forgives your sins,
and I do this because of who I am.
I will not hold your sins against you. 

Isaiah 43:25

I had to rush to write this because I really didn’t want to forget the experience : so the good news is GOD SPOKE to me today…yea…..yea I know what you are thinking: he speaks to us everyday bla bla…BUT this one was different he actually Spoke to me directly like he was listening to my thoughts. OK this is the story;
I had just finished my morning prayers then I was off to have my bath then I started rambling about issues on my mind. I was feeling bad about my spiritual life, and broken because i wanted to do more for GOD, serve him more and all that. Then thoughts of the past came to me and i felt worse because it was all re-occurring in my head. And at that point I could not control my thoughts anymore. I was indeed carrying a burden of past on my shoulders and it broke me really bad. All i felt was guilt, GUILTY that he has favored me so much through the years while i do my best to displease him. And then out of nowhere just right in middle of my thoughts I just heard GOD say
Don’t worship me because of the Guilt you feel I really don’t care about your past, you made your mistakes and I forgave and forgot about them, but you keep remembering them, I don’t care about your guilt“. (The underlined words are the exact words i heard).
At first I Thought that was me thinking aloud but I realized I couldn’t have because all I had in my mind was complaints and rambling thoughts.
And immediately it felt like a revelation and all I could picture was going into a relationship with guilt, how I would feel if my spouse did that to me and I knew I had to stop. This is the second time I have heard him speak to me, the first time was 7 months ago the message was also clear and simple “don’t bother about this things, serve me first and It would happen soon”.
I can’t explain exactly how I feel right now but i know I feel relief, like the burden is not relevant, i also feel lighter and excited to know he is always listening and has probably spoken to me thousands no millions of times but my stubborn mind wouldn’t always listen closely to decipher his message and voice. Am beginning to understand him better now and I pray that every one reading would understand him too.
OK thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend.


7 thoughts on “don’t worship me out of Guilt

  1. Wow! I'm even happier for u cos u listened. Sometimes we get so carried away with our thoughts that we don't hear it when God speaks…the little whisper in the storm. Bless your heart.


  2. May God continue to strengthen you because He has taken you this far, the bible says you will be the head and not the tail; He has carved you in the palm of His hands. You are unique and what God has deposited in you will come to pass In Jesus Mighty name, amen


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