what is God’s opinion on this issue?

Hi peeps! I just want to take this moment to say thank you for being a part of my blog family, without you my write up would be like ramblings in the wind but you have made it meaningful. Thanks a lot.
If you read my last post you would see that I have lost my “spiritual consciousness” virginity, ˚☺k° let me keep it simple my “spiritual deafness”…..yep thats more like it. Ever since I lost that I became more responsive to God and conscious of his presence in my life. I discovered that it wasn’t so difficult after all to live a life pleasing and acceptable to God. A life that longs to adore him and worship him with every breath i take.All you need to do is be aware that every step you take “he is watching you and moving with you” and be conscious to always live right and true to his word. so you can check yourself by asking every now and then “what is God’s opinion on this issue” or
” is God happy by how I just reacted” or
” am I showing my love for him by this act?”.
It is that straight forward, it is either you love him or you don’t. Just don’t get freaked out  he never expected us to be perfect at it but if you give it your best and ask for his hand he would help you all the way. He is not a dictator or the ‘punisher’ but he is our father ( not the stiff fearful African father we have at home) but a loving father. As for me I prefer to think of him as my lover and friend, also as my mentor and roommate and possibly more.
Now I can’t remember what I planned to write about but this subject just felt good to share. Peeps! serving God because you don’t want to go to hell is selfish,self centered and wrong. It was the old fashioned way and it would really suck if after all your over godliness you still miss heaven. Rather serve him because he created you out of the love he has for you so love him back, he is the only one that can love you truly and fill that vacuum we all have.Allow him make you enjoy your stay on earth till you relocate back to your rightful home ‘heaven’. So folks let’s not serve God out of fear or guilt but with a rightful spirit trusting that he is always and ever ready to stand by us if we call out to him.
i rather go through life with a peaceful and fulfilling desire to live because by his grace he said he will make me enjoy life and enjoy it more abundantly. this feels refreshing to talk about and am just glad he calls me FRIEND.

˚☺k° am done talking!


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