Untutored courage is useless in the face of educated bullets

“Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts, you need to start somewhere, start by getting something-anything -down on paper. By mere act of typing you have disempowered the pessimistic voice that tried to convince you not to write. Now you are writing. And once you are in action, it’s easy to pick up the energy and pick up the quality. When you are in the first stages of creating, never ever censor yourself”. We are often afraid to do things until we are sure we’ll do them well therefore we don’t do anything. This tendency led G.K. Chesterton to say, if a thing is worth doing, its worth doing badly.” – Steve chandler

hi everyone!!!I know this is wrong (writing in church and all) but for some reason I always get more inspired after the praise and worship section. By the way I think I flow better writing spontaneously than the whole stereotyped thingy. Plus I can’t wait to find the appropriate topic anymore; judging from my bulk of unfinished articles in my drafts all cos of the hunt for the perfect topic to debut my blog. So by all means I really need to write something on this blog, Now am not sure if it’s because of the unending analysis of my colleagues saying am an unrelenting choleric or my untamed ambitious nature that makes me think of different things to write without necessarily completing one or the fact that I have completed some but don’t feel too satisfied to post it. Either way am sure one of the reasons fits my personality.
Now I created a blog so I can write freely without getting so conscious about everything and am not sure if am doing a good job at it. Well i have finally put up something random so i know i have taken a step forward in learning how to be a good writer. And expressing can help someone out there who might just love to read and probably learn something too.

Well I have a little time on my hands before the preacher comes up and since its my first article i will make this about me, so here goes;
my name is Edidiong Itiat, am from akwa ibom state in nigeria, nope I don’t have an accent, and yes I can speak my dialect fluently (even in my dreams). I am the last in the family of three girls and probably the stubborn one (more like most outspoken). I was born in akwa ibom state and i spent a part of my childhood there before moving to Abuja and yea am still in Abuja. I haven’t been to akwa ibom in what? 7yrs now and from what i hear it’s like a small London now (as we like to call it) that means developed. All my life i have always appreciated my mum for unwavering support to make me learn my language and speak it fluently (i love you mum for that). I did all my schooling in abuja in ade-akodu nur/pri school, school for the gifted secondary school and university of Abuja,Abuja. And am glad that helped drive away any embarrassing ibibio (my tribe) accent on my tongue. i feel excited to start this blog because i know i have got a lot to share. What led me to start a blog? I got inspired to create a blog by a friend who gave me a link to her blog to post a comment but after reading her write up, (okay maybe i read just only the first four lines but i got inspired anyway) then the idea dinged on top of my head like an Einstein bulb.

I would take it one step at a time who knows i may just be the next Shakespeare that’s going to erupt from this volcanic stage in a matter of time. So now the pastor is about to preach and I really have to end this but maybe I end with this famous quote.
“Untutored courage is useless in the face of educated bullets”
Thanks y’all for reading. Ciao!!!


2 thoughts on “Untutored courage is useless in the face of educated bullets

  1. You bet u might just be d next shakespeare…yeah u right abt gettn started, one true thing abt life is start 4rm smwhere there's neva a beta time than now. not 2 worry we will go thru d coming of age process of ur writing wif u. kip it up. dont let d fire go down.


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