……Our vision becomes clearer as we get older

Honestly, I have never had a specific CAREER AMBITION!! Yep that’s true and my friends couldn’t believe too when I confessed that. Although it didn’t mean I was confused as people like to assume. Let’s face it I know it’s important to have one but what if you can’t pick a specific career ambition or what if what you want to be isn’t clearly defined yet. For me it was all of the above, it was just never clear. This topic has been bothering my mind since I was a teen and I was always coming up with new ideas and ambitions when people ask the question “what would you like to be when you grow older?” After discovering it was a bit silly coming up with different answers I decided to settle on one wrong answer BANKER“. Though I have never been interested in the banking profession except for the fitted corporate suit and penciled skirts I admired on bankers. This broke my self esteem and it made me rely on other people’s opinion about me.
Well after a silent battle with my fears I came to the conclusion that I could start from somewhere, anywhere in fact. I had to become interested in learning everything. Reading books and working on my mindset and self-esteem also helped a lot. I think the most important thing is to LEARN TO BELIEVE. And Recently I have had this happy feeling that has made me write about this. And now believing in me has made my vision in life become clearer and I know am on the right track. I came to realize that CAREER AMBITION is not about having a JOB TITLE OR POSITON. It’s about knowing who you are and what impact you would like to create. The questions to ask yourself should be “WHO AM I?” WHO DO I WANT TO BE” and “HOW DO I GET THERE?” If you can know and explain these then you will be a step closer to SUCCESS. You should also write these new answers and discoveries somewhere with a date beside it. And every other year you can review this and answer the questions again and you will see that this time you will have a clearer view because LIFE is a learning process. You can’t always have all the answers at once but you can grow your vision as you get older. As for me all i want to do now is PROMOTE and INSPIRE others to GROW yea that’s my AMBITION until my next review. see ya!!

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