You can’t compete against Life 2

 Life is in stages and while you are aggressively pushing forward to greatness don’t forget that you have to wait for your eggs to hatch each time. Life has principles and to achieve greatness you must follow these principles. You just can’t speed it up because if you breeze through it you will breeze out. You can’t crack your eggs to see how far its growing and hope to put it back together again. You just have to wait, be patience and keep applying the right principles cause Life is not all about how far but its about how well.


One thought on “You can’t compete against Life 2

  1. In my opinion, the general principle in life is persistence. But, you have to have a vision of where you want to be as a compass to navigate through the sail journey. We know that life is what you make it and this entails your plan on how to get there to achieve the success awaiting you.


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