You can’t compete against Life

”WHEN WE LEAVE THIS WORLD, WE WILL ASK OURSELVES ONE QUESTION: what’s different because i was here? All of our thoughts and feelings won’t matter anymore. What will matter are the actions we took and the difference that it made”

You can’t compete against Life. Life is a gift and we need to live it to the fullest. I have always viewed life as a competition. Trust me it took me some years to admit that. As a matter of fact I came to that conclusion only recently and if you had pointed a .45 mm gun at my head some years back I would have admitted differently. I was blowing hot and cold. I could be up and going about my future one time and be so nonchalant another time. Growing up I had this tiny low self-esteem, I call it tiny because it was not the type that made me withdraw, hate yourself or commit suicide but just the type that made me compare myself to others most of the time. Back in High school, whenever it was time for our daily tasks, you couldn’t just give me a task without me looking over at my school mate’s task to make sure am not being cheated. My mum would buy clothes for I and my siblings and I would always complain if my sisters’ dresses were prettier. You can say that’s pretty normal or it happens all the time. But what you don’t know is if that becomes a habit you could become miserable and selfish most of the time.

Hold on!!, am not saying wanting the best is bad, It just gets that way when you get carried away focusing on irrelevant things and probably end up making lots of wrong choices. You will never be contented, you will want to try out everything and achieve nothing. Sometimes you would appear to be focused but never focused on anything in particular. Right now, I don’t want to go through life without the world knowing I was here. I want to impact on lives. I want to leave trustworthy footprints behind. I want to leave this world happy and fulfilled. I want to be sure of what lies ahead for me. I don’t want to let my emotions get in the way when there is a bigger picture ahead.

Am here to talk about the very purpose of living and what we should all focus on. But first ask yourself, do you have a focus? Are you even bothered about how well you are living your life? Do you know what lies ahead? Do you know where you are going from here?  I am going to stop here for now because I want you to think for a while. Watch out for my next post you would see where I’m going with this. I assure you, when you read further you will think differently for good. See you later


4 thoughts on “You can’t compete against Life

  1. Reading your storytelling, I am quite sure we are not different in your way of past thinking. We moved away from some of these unimportant emotional attachment to material things with age and time. This is because our understanding of the real life and what is important in life is cognitively developing. Remember that a child always loves sharing and collaborating but when this same child develops to the adult stage the culture of sharing and collaborating becomes questionable and decision making, The reason for this is obviously to direct the culture of sharing and collaborating to a worthy part and to the needy ones.


  2. Surely there must be a balance between self satisfaction and competition. Too much of either can lead to complacency or unhealthy drive to better others respectively. Nice piece. First time visiting. 🙂


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