I am still here and it’s by the Grace of God

Twice I have written a post on thanksgiving and it has gotten deleted by some unknown network forces. This post is a reflection and it’s still hard to explain because what God has done for me is more than what the Human mind can comprehend. If he allowed me to go my own way without being by my side I wouldn’t be even alive today, let alone make it this far. I am still here and it’s by the Grace of God. Here is a song that explains it all:

i’m still here by Dorinda Clark-cole

I could have been dead and gone,
but the Lord he spared my life.
Now I can say, that I’m still here
and it’s by the grace of God.

Verse 2:
When I look back over my life
and I see all the things the Lord’s brought me through;
been through trials, sickness, and suffering,
I thank the Lord, He’s blessed me still.

I could have lost the faith
and I could have fell from His grace;
now I can say, that I’m still here
and it’s by the grace of God.

Oh, I’m still here,
I’m still here.
oh, I’m still here.

(I haven’t made it this far)
(unless I went through disappointments)
through disappointments,

(The Lord has brought me through),
He’s brought me through.

Now I can say, He’s brought me all the way,
(through the midst of it all),
(through the midst of it all),

I am still here,
it’s by the grace of God.

2013!!!!!! Yessssss!!!! Finally!!!
I am so sure of this year cos I know I am definitely on the right path. I have come this far and when I look back and see where I came from, for me it’s Shocking. Let me give you a little Account:
In 2010 I was  still clueless, never had a Vision or anything Reasonable in my head about where I was going with my Life. Though I wanted more, I wanted to get ‘GOOD’ but like I said I was Clueless probably didn’t know how. Sometimes I thought it wasn’t possible for someone like me to become that “dream” that could pull Nations.
In 2011 I followed whatever swayed me. I felt the wind would at least take me somewhere safe. I could be enthusiastic one moment and gravely discouraged in another. So I started blogging, I got a Job, I cleared my papers and I was finally graduating. I was happy for awhile and I was getting ‘GOOD’ but it was still not enough. I knew I could be BETTER, I wanted to be BETTER so much and the thought of being the BEST felt overwhelming.

In 2012 I struggled to stand on what I craved for. I was more confident and I became sure of my vision and path. I craved to be my best.  And of cos to be the best the pressure was more. This pressure to be something more pushed me forward, created a sense of fulfillment each time I passed a challenge. Everything just picked up. After waiting for 2 years to get clearance from my school, I started my NYSC service. Then my career plans were taking shape. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any BETTER I got engaged officially which was a plus cos I now had someone I could share my dreams with. I was also ordained a ministerial assistant in my church and I learnt how to drive. My years have been progressive. You see why am so sure of 2013? It’s going to be a year of fulfillment and more surprises. A year of being my BEST and helping others achieve their dreams also. A year of greatness I tell you!!!

In the words of Dorinda Clark Cole ”Now I can say, He’s brought me all the way, through the midst of it all I am still here and its by the Grace of God”

 when i was been ordained........

when i was been ordained……..

 when i was been ordained.........

when i was been ordained………


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