HELP HIM!!! Is he Mad or just Homeless?

5 or 6 years ago, I was in the market buying vegetables for our Christmas celebration that evening. As I stood by the seller’s table waiting for my turn to demand for my goods, I felt a finger touch me. A very rough touch, almost like a scratch on my left arm that got me alarmed and shocked since it was so unexpected. So I turned fast to see who it was. I saw a man, with shabby, torn and dirty clothes but good-looking. He was half-naked, and then I realized he was a “mad man“!! (Excuse my French). That was all that came to my head). Based on stories I heard about “mad men” I thought he would beat me violently or chase me or something for no apparent reason so I was scared, I was literally shaking. The seller just said I should ignore him but as I turned again I saw he meant no harm. He never spoke a word but with his hand gestures I could tell he was actually begging for some money.

6 years later on 12th Nov 2012 @08:27 in the same city, I’m in a bus and this same man is standing by my window and he is still begging for money. This man may not even be “mad” or “mentally unstable” as we easily conclude but probably JUST HOMELESS! Well, what if he is “mentally unstable”? He is still a human being and also still homeless.

Another man:Thorpe(a PHD Holder) a few days before he died

Another man:Thorpe(a PhD Holder) a few days before he died

I used to think that there were people out there like charity organizations that usually help and accommodate homeless people or intervene in their cases. Is this just another assumption where everyone thinks that someone out there is volunteering but in the real sense no one is. What does the government say about these people? What does the society do about these people? How can we help them? Weren’t they living normal lives once? What can I do to help them? What can we do to help them? I may have mentioned just one man but we all know there are many of them in our communities. Some of us even know them by their names and their stories but how have we ever helped? I know people give out clothes and food sometimes but we can still do better than that. These were once happy people like you and I until they fell into this predicament. And right now it doesn’t matter if it was their fault or not. They still have hope and can be treated or cured of their mental illness. I wish I had an active solution to help but I will do a little research to see if there are any NGO out there that can help.



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