Organizing your spiritual, love, career, social life etc. is really a major course to study in order to achieve maturity. I must say it’s a huge challenge to keep all aspects stable without straying from your morals and values. Wish I could sound a warning alarm to kids out there to stop growing and remain the way they are. Wish that was humanly possible. Need to tell them that adult life is tasking and not as cool as they always envision it. Need to warn them that they would be hit with huge decisions, crossroads and the dilemma even sometimes just when they are excited to have the tiniest control over their lives. Need to tell them that sometimes they may have to till hard grounds to fetch a really tiny seed for someone else and that hard work may be hardly appreciated still. Need to tell them that there is no gear that can help them fight and tackle all the challenges perfectly, but they should come prepared anyway. But If I do it would be untrue, for the above is for a man who doesn’t understand his being and his God. STEVE CHANDLER once said

”The funny twist is that even as you are faced with raging storms and unending sting of hopelessness, it feels worth it in the end”.

Things are not always how they seem. There’s joy in finding that tiny seed from that hard toil. There is a better hope when you come to battle with a poor gear of sticks and stones against “sword and armor”, geared up trials and challenges. There is better hope because nothing is in vain in the law of the universe; everything has a cycle. And when the mind is made up, a poor gear of sticks and stones can be stronger than the “sword and armor”, geared up trials and challenges as long as you believe it. For there is power in faith and with faith man can do the impossible. This is for a man who has a strong will and trusts in God in all things. With all that being said, I will indeed also tell every kid that nothing is constant but change and the unsolved mysteries of life are left that way for the next generation. And most importantly, WE WERE NOT CREATED TO BE LEFT ALONE!!!


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